30 Aug , 2016

The backyard shed

You know, Astrophotographer’s life is tough… you need good weather, free time, new moon, no light pollution, no engagements an many other variables that lead to ‘no frames’!
I know I don’t live in the best place for astrophotography, but I decided to build a semipermanent observatory in my backyard.


After a long tough period, seems that things are going better.
Cross your fingers and clear skies,

30 Aug , 2016

A new engine for Skycrumbles

Finally I did it… the old site ended up to be too complicated to maintain so I decided to ‘upgrade’ to a more practical system.
Things change at the speed of light and a brand new technology of today, tomorrow becomes old. It has been hard switching from html to php but thanks Google I’ve done it.



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