Galaxy Trio

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The Leo Triplet (also known as the M66 Group) is a small group of galaxies about 35 million light-years away in the constellation Leo. This galaxy group consists of the spiral galaxies M65, M66, and NGC 3628.
M65's disk appears slightly warped, and its relatively recent burst of star formation is also suggestive of some external disturbance with the other members.
Clues of this interaction are visible in M66 also as a strong asimmetry of the arms and an extremely high central mass concentration.
NGC 3628, also known as the Hamburger Galaxy, was discovered by William Herschel in 1784. It has an approximately 300,000 light-years long tidal tail.

Optic SW Quattro 8S 200mm f/4 with Baader MPCC Mark III corrector
Camera Atik 383L+
Filters Baader L, R, G, B 36mm
Mount NEQ6 with EQASCOM
SW 70/500 with AlCCD5
Frame center
RA 11:19:46 DEC 13:17:00 J2000
28, 29, 30 March 2017
Backyard, Busto G. Milan, Italy
Exposures L 24x900s bin 1x1 @-10°C
RGB 18x600 bin 1x1 @-10°C each

Integration time - 15h





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