IC410 The Tadpoles

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IC410, also known as Sh2-236, has two elongated structures with a thick head on its north-eastern edge that suggested the name of Tadpoles Nebula. Recent studies, based on spectrography and photometry, likely put the whole system at a distance of about 6000 parsecs.
The size of IC410 is around a hundred of parsec; in its centers there's the open cluster NGC 1893, which light is responsible of the ionization of the surrounding gases. This cluster is made of spread new young stars, obscured by some thick molecular clouds. [Wiki]

Optic SW Quattro 8S 200mm f/4 with Baader MPCC Mark III corrector
Camera Atik 383L+
Filters Baader Ha, SII, OIII 36mm
Mount NEQ6 with EQASCOM
SW 70/500 with AlCCD5
Frame center
RA 05:22:41 DEC 33:25:31 J2000
13th, 16th, 18th, 19th December 2015
Backyard, Busto G. Milan, Italy
Exposures Ha - 20x900s bin 1x1 -20°C
SII - 20x900s bin 1x1
OIII - 20x900s bin 1x1

Integration time - 15h





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